Two cut-out flexidisks from Mickey Mouse… 78rpm paper…

Two cut-out flexidisks from Mickey Mouse… 78rpm paper records of Goofy “It’s Fun To Whistle” and Chip & Dale “The Laughing Song”.


Walt Disney’s Mouseketeer records cut out from the 1956 Wheaties cereal boxes.
General Mills of Minneapolis Minnesota (USA) was one of the sponsors
of the Mickey Mouse Club Television show. As a promotional vehicle in
1956 they included playable records on the back of their Wheaties Cereal
Boxes along with a mail-in coupon for a real record of Mouseketeer
There were 8 different single 5″ cardboard records and 4 more 7″ records from the mail-in offer.

The available paper tracks:

Chip ‘N Dale – Ten Little Indians
Chip ‘N Dale – The Laughing Song
Goofy – It’s Fun To Whistle
Goofy – Fire Fighting Fellow
Mickey Mouse – Happy Mouse
Mickey Mouse – The Gadget Tree
Donald Duck – Donald Duck’s Song
Mickey, Donald & Goofy – I’d Rather Be I

Discogs doesn’t make it apparent what the “4 more 7-inch records from the mail-in offer” were and they may not have been on the Rainbo label; here’s a Wheaties box with the offer, and the track list from a different box: