Anybody out there?


What the heck is going on with Tumblr? Is anybody still here?

I’m not posting as regularly as I once did. But even when I do, I’m barely getting any new followers on a daily basis. Lately it’s been a trickle. Individual posts can still rack up a respectable number of likes and reblogs, but that doesn’t seem to translate into new followers. This is a mystery to me. And kinda sad.

I know that Tumblr may have peaked as a social-media platform. Some have outgrown it; others have moved on to Snapchat, Instagram, and so forth. But there are still millions of you people out there, right? Riiight?

Thanks to all those who responded. I was unaware of the new “Best Stuff First” feature, which could be partly responsible for this recent crash in follower growth. I hadn’t noticed it yet because I don’t use the Tumblr mobile app that much. For me, this blog has always been more of a pleasure on an old-fashioned device called a computer, the kind you put on a desk or your lap.

Over the years, I’ve grown the audience of this blog to a decent size. So it’s not the end of the world if some new Tumblr widget messes up Humanoid History’s slow-but-steady conquest of the universe. As I already said, the follower base I already have means that a good post will often find the right folks and hopefully be shared with others. But it’s not as much fun if you’re not reaching new people.

Anyway, you can consider turning off the Best Stuff First feature. Click here for how to do it.