President John F. Kennedy (May 29, 1917 – November 22, 1963). Seen here in his posthumous official portrait by Aaron Shikler.

(White House Historical Association)

Art by Moebius, 1992.

A tele-operated robot on Io, moon of Jupiter. Art by David Egge, printed in Future Life, August 1981.

Astronautics experiments at General Dynamics, 1965-1968.

November 19, 1969 – Apollo 12 astronaut Alan Bean climbs down from the lunar lander to the surface of the Moon. Photos by Pete Conrad.


From Eagle Annual Number 8: “The first Moon rocket, cradled between two giant boosters, is prepared for launching. Unmanned, it may carry an atomic warhead.”

From The Boys’ Book of Science and Invention, 1957.

(Dreams of Space)

“Titan” by Daniel Zeller, 2006, ink on paper. 

(Smithsonian Air & Space)

Dune cover art by John Schoenherr for Analog, February 1964.

“During the actual process of flying spacecraft, or flying the Spirit of St. Louis, one doesn’t think of one’s self as being a hero or historical figure. One does it because the challenge is there, and one feels reasonably qualified to accomplish it. And it’s later on, I suppose, perhaps at the suggestion of other people, that you say, ‘Well, yes, maybe.’”

—Alan Shepard, first American in space, oldest man to walk on the Moon, born today in 1923