Space art by cosmonaut Alexei Leonov (1934-2019)

Illustrated bats from the A History of the Earth and Animated Nature, 1848.

(New York Public Library)

Boris Karloff in a publicity still for The Mummy (1932)

All aboard the Horror Train!! – The cover for German pulp series Silber Grusel-Krimi, issue #162, 1977.

Johnny Bruck cover art for Perry Rhodan, #650, 1974.

Rudolf Sieber-Lonati cover art for Silber Grusel-Krimi, #56, 1973.

Rest in peace, Alexei Leonov.

Mummy Mask, Romano-Egyptian, A.D. 150–200, stucco with inlaid eyes.

(Getty Museum)

Italian poster for Mario Bava’s Planet of the Vampires, 1965. Artwork
by Averardo Ciriello.

Behold star-forming region DR 6. For this season, it’s a planet-consuming space ghoul.

(S. Carey (Caltech), JPL-Caltech, NASA)