Category: 1958

Art by Jack Kirby and Al Williamson for the cover of Race for the Moon, #3, Harvey Comics, 1958.

A “lunar unicycle“ in Space Age ad art by Frank Tinsley for American Bosch Arma Corporation, 1958.

French poster for Spaceman contre satellites (1958)

The USSR’s Sputnik 3 satellite takes flight in 1958. Illustration by Valentin Viktorov.

Publicity still for I Married a Monster from Outer Space, 1958.

Ed Emshwiller cover art for the Christmas issue of Galaxy magazine, December 1958.

A spaceman from Tomorrowland joins with some Dickensian carolers for a perfect Christmas vision of Disneyland in 1958. (D23)

Wonderful Virgil Finlay cover art for Fantastic Universe, March 1958.

Atlas missile 9B streaks through the night sky over Cape Canaveral, November 18, 1958.

(San Diego Air & Space Museum)

Ed Emshwiller art on the cover of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, September 1958.