Category: 1958

Santa Claus travels by flying saucer, not sleigh. Christmas decorations on a front lawn in Reseda, Los Angeles, 1958.

(Los Angeles Public Library)

Anyone up for a game of space checkers? 1958 trading card from Topps.

Zsa Zsa Gabor in a German poster for QUEEN OF OUTER SPACE, 1958.

Art by Jack Kirby and Al Williamson for the cover of Race for the Moon, #3, Harvey Comics, 1958.

A “lunar unicycle“ in Space Age ad art by Frank Tinsley for American Bosch Arma Corporation, 1958.

French poster for Spaceman contre satellites (1958)

The USSR’s Sputnik 3 satellite takes flight in 1958. Illustration by Valentin Viktorov.

Publicity still for I Married a Monster from Outer Space, 1958.

Ed Emshwiller cover art for the Christmas issue of Galaxy magazine, December 1958.

A spaceman from Tomorrowland joins with some Dickensian carolers for a perfect Christmas vision of Disneyland in 1958. (D23)