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A Soviet ship fires its retrorockets as it lands on the Moon. Space art by Andrei Sokolov on a 1965 postcard.

The Soviet spaceport of the future, illustrated by Andrei Sokolov on a 1965 postcard.

December 14, 1965 – Planet Earth, specifically Brazil, as seen from space by the astronauts aboard the Gemini 7 spacecraft as it raced around the world.

(NASA/Arizona State University)

Concept art for 2001: A Space Odyssey. Design sketch of a deep-space pod by Graphic Films, 1965.

Poster art for Alphaville, 1965.

Alex Schomburg cover art for The Caves of Mars by Emil Petaja, 1965.

Amazing views of Earth, captured from the Gemini 5 spacecraft, August 22, 1965. (NASA/ASU)

The 590-foot-high Cairo Tower on Jazīrat az Island, Cairo, Egypt, 1965, photographed by Eliot Elisofon.

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Just another day at the offices of General Dynamics, October 6, 1964.

(San Diego Air & Space Museums)