Category: 1980s

Planet Saturn, observed by Voyager 2 space probe on this day in 1981.

The trailer for KRULL (1983)

A vibrant false-color image Saturn, along with moons Rhea and Dione, imaged by Voyager 2 on July 21, 1981.

Saturn, seen by NASA’s Voyager 2 probe, 1981.

Trailer for Strange Invaders (1983)

Behind the scenes of Blade Runner, 1982.

“The Eagle Is Headed Home” by Alan Bean, 1983.

Soviet space art by Andrei Sokolov, printed in Future Life, November 1981.

Cars exit the Donut Hole drive-through in La Puente, California, 1983.

(Los Angeles Public Library)

A wrecked logging truck and crawler tractor amidst ash and downed trees near Mount St. Helens on May 20, 1980, two days after an explosive eruption.