Category: 1981

TV spot for Quest for Fire (1981)

Planet Saturn, observed by Voyager 2 space probe on this day in 1981.

A vibrant false-color image Saturn, along with moons Rhea and Dione, imaged by Voyager 2 on July 21, 1981.

Saturn, seen by NASA’s Voyager 2 probe, 1981.

Soviet space art by Andrei Sokolov, printed in Future Life, November 1981.

Disney concept art shows the crystal pyramids of the Imagination pavilion at EPCOT Center, printed in Future Life, March 1981.

Chris Kenyon cover art for Asteroids on the Atari 2600, 1981.

TODAY IN HISTORY: NASA’s space shuttle program officially begins with the maiden flight of the Columbia on April 12, 1981. Art by Mort Künstler.

1981 Hungarian poster for Message from Space, designed by Herpai Zoltán.

Iapetus, moon of Saturn, imaged by Voyager 2 on August 23, 1981.