Category: 1983

TV spot for Brainstorm, 1983.

Art by Moebius, 1983.

Art by Philippe Caza, 1983.

“The Eagle Is Headed Home” by Alan Bean, 1983.

Astronaut Sally Ride, June 1983. (NASA)

Art by Moebius, aka Jean Giraud, 1983.

John Berkey cover art for “The White Plague” by Frank Herbert, 1983.

Sally Ride in a T-38 jet at Ellington Air Force Base near NASA Johnson, June 15, 1983. (NASA)

“Spirit of the Challenge” by Carol Kucera, 1983, commissioned for the NASA Art Program.

Poster for the Soviet space adventure Return from Orbit (Возвращение с орбиты), 1983. Artwork by A. Limenshikov.