Category: 1987

1987 NASA concept art pictures an outpost on Mars. The Martian soil shields the astro-pioneers from solar radiation, and they can go without spacesuits in a pressurized habitat. Let’s not forget the greenhouse for, you know, growing food and stuff.

Michael Whelan cover art for Foundation and Earth by Isaac Asimov, 1987. 

“N-258 NAS Facility computer room” at NASA Ames, 1987.

“Mars Arrival” by Robert McCall, 1987.

Attila Hejja illustrates the cover of OMNI, July 1987. #tech #space

Ron Walotsky cover art for The Wanderer by Fritz Leiber, published by Tor, 1987.

John Harris cover art for “Equations of Chaos” by Robert E. Varderman, 1987

“Hopes and Dreams” by Alan Bean, 1987.

Tim White cover art for Star Hammer by Christopher Rowley, 1987.

Leonard Nimoy directing on the set of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1987)