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Io in transit across the face of Jupiter, observed by the Hubble Space Telescope in 1999.

A cleric observes a solar eclipse in Isfahan, Iran, August 11, 1999.

(St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Planet Jupiter, August 5, 1999, observed by the Hubble Space Telescope.

The Matrix opened in theaters on this day in 1999.

CHRISTMAS EVE IN SPACE – Astronaut John Grunsfeld makes repairs to the Hubble Space Telescope, December 24-25, 1999.

CHRISTMAS IN SPACE: Behold the thin line of Earth’s atmosphere and the golden solar arrays of the Hubble Space Telescope, illuminated by the Sun after Space Shuttle Discovery astronauts finished servicing the orbital observatory on December 25, 1999. (NASA)

Another complete :CueCat peripheral in a Goodwill.

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For those who have not seen a Lava Lamp doing its thing, I present two.

July 23, 1999 – The Chandra X-ray Observatory awaits deployment in the open bay of the Space Shuttle Columbia. (NASA)

July 23, 1999 – The Space Shuttle Columbia launches from Cape Canaveral. On board is the Chandra X-ray Observatory. (NASA)