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October 30, 1951: The 14-kiloton “Charlie” nuclear device goes off in the Nevada desert as part of the Buster-Jangle program of a-bomb tests.

TODAY IN HISTORY: On August 6, 1945, the city of Hiroshima was devastated by an atom bomb. The epic heat from the nuclear explosion singed the road surface of this bridge across the Ota River, not far from the center of the blast. Left undamaged were parts of the bridge shielded by concrete pillars and railings. These sections were merely scarred by permanent “shadows.”

(The Atlantic)

July 16, 1945 – The Trinity test, the first ever detonation of an atomic bomb, took place in New Mexico as World War II raged across the globe

Scenes from a devastated Hiroshima, Japan, after the atom bomb dropped on August 6, 1945.