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August 5, 1968 – “Apollo Spacecraft 101 Command/Service Modules being moved into position for mating with Spacecraft Lunar Module Adapter (SLA)-5 in the Kennedy Space Center’s Manned Spacecraft Operations Building. Apollo Spacecraft 101 will be flown on the first manned Apollo space mission, Apollo 7 (Spacecraft 101/Saturn 205).“ (NASA)

President Nixon speaks to Apollo 11’s Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin while they walk on the Moon.

July 20, 1969 – A view of the southwestern Sea of Tranquility seen from the Apollo 11 lunar module. (NASA)

Apollo 11: One Small Step

“Tranquility Base” on the Moon, pictured in Revell box art for an Apollo 11 model, 1969.

How to wear an Apollo 11 spacesuit. “It might be called a one-man spaceship of the smallest possible dimensions.” From the NASA documentary Moonwalk One, 1971.

The view from Apollo 11, July 1969.

Inside mission control when the Apollo 11 astronauts first walked on the Moon, July 20, 1969.


Buzz Aldrin enjoying the view, July 20, 1969.

The cover of Newsweek, July 28, 1969, addressed to N.A. Armstrong in Seabrook, Texas.