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August 5, 1968: Apollo 7 astronauts Walter Cunningham, Donn Eisele, and Wally Schirra stand on the deck of the NASA Motor Vessel Retriever after suiting up for splashdown training in the Gulf of Mexico. (NASA)

August 5, 1968 – “Apollo Spacecraft 101 Command/Service Modules being moved into position for mating with Spacecraft Lunar Module Adapter (SLA)-5 in the Kennedy Space Center’s Manned Spacecraft Operations Building. Apollo Spacecraft 101 will be flown on the first manned Apollo space mission, Apollo 7 (Spacecraft 101/Saturn 205).“ (NASA)

The Silver Spur and Swann Ridge formations on the Moon, August 1, 1971, photographed by Apollo 15 astronaut Jim Irwin.

Earth and Moon are seen as the Apollo 11 lunar module maneuvers for a rendezvous, July 21, 1969.

Buzz Aldrin steps onto the Moon, July 20, 1969.

The tasty treats of Apollo 11: chocolate pudding, sugar-coated corn flakes, strawberry cubes, and pineapple fruitcake.


President Nixon speaks to Apollo 11’s Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin while they walk on the Moon.

Buzz Aldrin, photographed by Neil Armstrong, July 20, 1969.

July 20, 1969 – A view of the southwestern Sea of Tranquility seen from the Apollo 11 lunar module. (NASA)

Apollo art by Erich Fuchs, Robert McCall, Davis Meltzer, and Alan Bean.