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(Geheugen van Nederland)

Aerospace concept art of the 1960s.

(San Diego Air & Space Museum)

Poster by Lowell Nesbitt for the National Air and Space Museum, 1976.

(Art Institute of Chicago)

A future fashion show aboard a Bristol 170 freighter plane, specially designed for the style houses of Paris. From Décollage, “le magazine de l’aviation mondiale,” June 21, 1946.

(Gallica BNF)

“Pilots take no particular joy in walking. Pilots like flying.”

—Neil Armstrong

Test pilot Joe Engle next to an X-15 rocket plane.

(NASA History Office)

August 8, 1936: The airship Hindenburg floats past the Empire State Building in New York.

News from June 11, 1941 in Borger Daily Herald, Borger, Texas: “Soldiers of the 15th Infantry from Ft. Lewis, Washington, bayonets fixed, slowly advance against pickets blocking main gate of North American Aviation, Inc., plant at Inglewood, Calif.” Read the original article here or learn more here and here.

(University of North Texas)

1986 Boeing concept art for a future airliner powered by propfans, illustrated by Steve LeBailly.

North American XB-70 Valkyrie.