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Driving the experimental Dynasphere in England, September 1932.

British poster for Godzilla, 1956.

Woman driving an experimental Dynasphere in England, 1931.

THE CIVILIAN RESPIRATOR – These masks are “intended for those who might have to work in the presence of gas and could not go to a gas-protected refuge room. The respirator protects the eyes, nose, mouth and lungs against all known war gases.” Cigarette cards from the 1930s series Air Raid Precautions, courtesy of New York Public Library.

A British soldier fits gas masks on horses, France, 1918.

(Geheugen van Nederland)

Woman driving an experimental Dynasphere in England, 1931.

A tea party with gas masks, London, 1937. (via)

The Queen’s Christmas Tree, Windsor Castle, 1845, painted by Joseph Nash.

(Royal Collection)

October 29, 1669: At the age of 26, Isaac Newton became the second Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge, a post he held for 33 years. (via)

October 28, 1971 — Great Britain became the sixth spacefaring nation when the Prospero 1 satellite launched on a Black Arrow rocket from Launch Area 5B at the Woomera Prohibited Area in Australia. (via)