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The business men were unanimous in the desire to do everything necessary to check the influenza epidemic.

Some thing? Unsure of what. I thought it was a counting machine.

It was $15.99

at a SE Portland, OR Goodwill.

That is a business check imprinter. F&E’s homepage says:

1914, Hebert R. Hedman, a Chicago native with Swedish roots, borrowed
$5,000 from his father to establish the Hedman Manufacturing Company.
The firm was established to produce check protector machines that
protect businesses from the common crime of forgery. Hedman’s
machine was the first check protector to write out the complete
dollar amount with Arabic numerals in one simple operation. In
addition, this first protector presented a patented process, engineered
by Hedman, that printed the exact amount of the check by shredding
and macerating indelible ink into the fibers of the paper. The
results was a tamperproof document.

Upon hearing about the Hedman
Check Protector, Hedman’s main competitor sent two men to attempt
a buyout. Instead, these two men, Fessler & Evans, reached an agreement with Herbert Hedman to distribute his machines. This is the origin of the first “F&E”.

One sold at auction last year for $41. Another is for sale for $50.