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December 24, 1968: In the Apollo 8 message from space, astronauts read verses from the Book of Genesis, and mission commander Frank Borman closes with Christmas greetings to “all of you on the good Earth.”

CHRISTMAS DAY 1944 – Army Sgt. Edward F. Good feeds a turkey leg to a fellow wounded soldier, Pfc. Lloyd Deming, during the Christmas dinner, 2nd Field Hospital, San Jose, Mindoro, Philippine Islands, 25 December 1944.


The holidays go to space on a Soviet matchbox label, 1961.

LUNAR CHRISTMAS – Behold a sequence of photos of the lunar surface taken during the Christmas-time Apollo 8 mission when humans orbited the Moon for the first time, December 24/25, 1968. (NASA)

Santa Claus travels by flying saucer, not sleigh. Christmas decorations on a front lawn in Reseda, Los Angeles, 1958.

(Los Angeles Public Library)

December 21, 1968 – It’s not everyday that an Apollo launch photo actually gets a shot of the Moon into the frame. This is Apollo 8 roaring toward space for its famous Christmas-time mission around the Moon and back.


Santa goes the distance to make holiday deliveries in Ed Emshwiller cover art for the Christmas issue of Galaxy magazine, December 1954.

Spend a holiday in space with wonderful Ed Emshwiller art for Christmas issues Galaxy magazine, 1951 to 1960. Please note that Santa Claus appears in each one, always with four arms.

The galaxy’s biggest Christmas cracker, illustrated by Tim White for Science Fiction Monthly, November 1975.

Apollo 8 heads out for a Christmas vacation in orbit around the Moon, December 21, 1968.