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Pages from The Moon Christmas Coloring Book, 1970.

(Dreams of Space)

Ed Emshwiller cover art for Christmas issues of Galaxy magazine, 1951 to 1960. Please note that Santa Claus appears in each one, always with four arms.

The Wreath of Khan

How would Santa Claus deliver presents to a spaceship at the Moon? Apollo 8 astronauts discuss the matter with mission control, December 24, 1968.

Gerald Carr (Houston): Santa Claus struck last night before I came in here on the shift, and I guess we will finish off the unwrapping this morning when I get back.
Jim Lovell: Right. He was looking for a chimney on (spacecraft) 103 here, but he didn’t see any.
Carr: (Laughter.) You could have left the hatch unlocked for him.
Lovell: I’ll think about that one.
Carr: Think real hard, Jim. EECOM says he could have slid down the steam duct.
Lovell: Sounds good. About that time, Bill would have been boiling water.

Christmas in space, illustrated by Moebius, 1982.

A Christmas tree in the cupola of the International Space Station, December 25, 2015. (NASA)

Ralph McQuarrie art for the 1980 Star Wars Christmas card sent out by Lucasfilm.

December 25, 2011 – An infrared view of Comet Lovejoy, photographed from the International Space Station. (NASA)

The galaxy’s biggest Christmas cracker, illustrated by Tim White for Science Fiction Monthly, November 1975.

Some people have to work on Christmas. Like this guy: astronaut Steven Smith making repairs to the Hubble Space Telescope, December 24-25, 1999.