Category: dune

Japanese poster for Dune, 1984.

Dune art by John Schoenherr, printed in Omni magazine, July 1980.

British poster for DUNE, 1984.

Bruce Pennington art on the cover of Dune, 1977 edition from New English Library.

Classic John Schoenherr cover art for the first paperback edition of Dune by Frank Herbert, 1965.

Advance poster for David Lynch’s Dune, 1983.

John Schoenherr illustrates Frank Herbert’s “The Prophet of Dune” on the cover of Analog, March 1965.

Classic John Schoenherr covers for Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine, 1962-1964.

Ron Cobb’s “ornithopter” design for Alejandro Jodorowsky’s unproduced adaptation of Dune.