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February 9, 2010 – The Space Shuttle Endeavour photographed from the ISS as the orbiter approached the space station. (NASA)

Aluminum shavings and stuff in the rocket shop at @nasa’s Wallops Flight Station, 1/14/2020.

Shiny rocket thing at NASA Wallops, Virginia, 1/14/2020.

A snapshot from the machine shop in the sounding rocket factory at @nasa‘s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, January 14, 2020.

(h/t NASA Social)

A bird’s-eye view of @nasa’s’s Wallops Island launch site, if the bird was strapped to a rocket.

Technician David Johnson rewires the front end of a NASA ER-2 high-altitude research plane at @nasa’s Armstrong Research Center, June 2018. Photo by Lauren Hughes.

Gemini 7 launches from Cape Canaveral on this day in 1965, with a little help from “some 430,000 pounds of thrust.”

Apollo-era “Manned Flight Awareness” poster promoting quality work from aerospace contractors working on the Apollo 17 mission.

Apollo 11, by the numbers. From Apollo Initial Lunar Landing Mission, published by @generalelectric, 1969.