Category: future

Disney concept art shows the crystal pyramids of the Imagination pavilion at EPCOT Center, printed in Future Life, March 1981.

The very large Colonial III freighter in the sky over a future city, Illustrated by Angus Mckie for Spacecraft 2000 to 2100 AD, 1978. Fun fact: The Colonial I was built in 2004.

A resupply mission arrives on Mars in a nick of time, illustrated by Ron Miller.

Travel by teleportation, seen in The Usborne Book of the Future, 1979.

Future explorers land on a comet, illustrated by Ron Miller.

The future takes flight in Shusei Nagoaka cover art for West Magazine, August 1970.

A future farm in space, as seen in NASA’s Space Settlements: A Design Study, 1977. This would an agricultural section of a space habitat known as a Stanford torus, which means anywhere from 10,000 to 150,000 mouths to feed.

The lounge of a future space station, illustrated by David Schleinkofer for Science Digest, 1980s.

Future art by Syd Mead, Robert McCall, and Roy Scarfo.

The art of Robert McCall.