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Illustrations by Bruce Pennington.

Cover art for Silber Grusel-Krimi, 1971-1986.

Michael Whelan cover art for Stephen King’s Firestarter, 1980.

Karl Stephan cover art for The Non-Statistical Man by Raymond F. Jones, 1967.

Spooky cover art for Silber Grusel-Krimi, 1971-1986.



The Haunters and the Haunted, 1921, speaks of the audio apparitions of Glamis Castle in Scotland. Read this and never speak of it:

A lady, well known in London society, an artistic and social celebrity, wealthy beyond all doubts of the future, a cultivated, clear-headed, and indeed slightly matter-of-fact woman, went to stay at Glamis Castle for the first time. She was allotted very handsome apartments, just on the point of junction between the new buildings—perhaps a hundred or two hundred years old—and the very ancient part of the castle. The rooms were handsomely furnished; no gaunt carvings grinned from the walls; no grim tapestry swung to and fro, making strange figures look still stranger by the flickering fire-light; all was smooth, cosy, and modern, and the guest retired to bed without a thought of the mysteries of Glamis.

In the morning she appeared at the breakfast table quite cheerful and self-possessed. To the inquiry how she had slept, she replied: “Well, thanks, very well, up to four o’clock in the morning. But your Scottish carpenters seem to come to work very early. I suppose they put up their scaffolding quickly, though, for they are quiet now.” This speech produced a dead silence, and the speaker saw with astonishment that the faces of members of the family were very pale.

She was asked, as she valued the friendship of all there, never to speak to them on that subject again; there had been no carpenters at Glamis Castle for months past. This fact, whatever it may be worth, is absolutely established, so far as the testimony of a single witness can establish anything. The lady was awakened by a loud knocking and hammering, as if somebody were putting up a scaffold, and the noise did not alarm her in the least. On the contrary, she took it for an accident, due to the presumed matutinal habits of the people. She knew, of course, that there were stories about Glamis, but had not the remotest idea that the hammering she had heard was connected with any story. She had regarded it simply as an annoyance, and was glad to get to sleep after an unrestful time; but had no notion of the noise being supernatural until informed of it at the breakfast-table.

With what particular event in the stormy annals of the Lyon family the hammering is connected is quite unknown, except to members of the family, but there is no lack of legends, possible and impossible, to account for any sights or sounds in the magnificent old feudal edifice.

(Text: Bartleby; images: 1, 2)

Cover art for German pulp mag Silber Grusel-Krimi, 1971-1986.

Suiting up for Halloween in Canoga Park, Los Angeles, 1962. Photo by Alan Hyde.

Cover art for Geister-Krimi (Ghost Thriller), 1974-1981.

Spooky art by Bruce Pennington.