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June 7, 1961: A T-Rex in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, California. Original Valley Times newspaper summary reads: “Tyrannosaurus Rex advertises Devonshire exposition – Lorie LaFontaine, right, joins it in the Northridge display.”

(Los Angeles Public Library)

Behind the scenes of Blade Runner, 1982.

Poster for Blade Runner, 1982. Artwork by John Alvin.

There’s still time. We have until November to turn our world into Blade Runner.

Welcome to Los Angeles, 2019, as seen in Syd Mead concept art for Blade Runner.

Santa Claus travels by flying saucer, not sleigh. Christmas decorations on a front lawn in Reseda, Los Angeles, 1958.

(Los Angeles Public Library)

From the Valley Times in California, December 1959: “Santa Claus has already arrived at home of Harry A. Lowry, 1464-B Burbank Blvd., Van Nuys, but he didn’t use his sleigh to make annual trip this year, as above photo plainly shows. To make sure he won’t be late starting on Christmas Eve rounds, Santa stays straddled on rocket, awaiting wave-off from rocket-maker Lowry, standing at left. Lowry built 23-foot long rocket from cardboard tubing used in highway bridge construction. Project took him three weekends.”

(Los Angeles Public Library)

July 31, 1958 – “Lomie Puckett stands guard to prevent bulldozers from leveling her Edendale house for the construction of the Golden State Freeway. Puckett wanted more money than offered for the house.” Photo by John Malmin for the Los Angeles Times.

The Space Shuttle Endeavour passes Randy’s Donuts as it inches its way through Los Angeles, October 2012.

Boys play Tic Tac Toe against telephone relays at the California Museum of Science and Industry, Los Angles, 1964. “The best you can do is tie.”

(Los Angeles Public Library)