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Crater Plato on the Moon, a photo of a plaster model built by engineer-inventor-astronomer James Nasmyth after making lunar observations through a telescope. Published in The Moon: Considered as a Planet, a World, and a Satellite, 1874. Via @lindahall.

(Linda Hall Library)

“The Eagle Is Headed Home” by Alan Bean, 1983.

A view of the Moon from New York, January 8, 1865. Photographed by Lewis Rutherfurd.

On the set of Destination Moon, 1950. Photo by Allan Grant.

ON THIS DAY: A sequence of photos by Apollo 15 astronaut Jim Irwin captures a starkly beautiful moonscape, including the Mount Hadley and the Swann Range, August 2, 1971. The Apollo 15 lunar module “Falcon” can be seen in the final two images. (NASA)

“Lunar landscape, space bug leaving the moon base, and cross-section
showing shelters built below the surface.” Clipped from The How and
Why Wonder Book of the Moon
, 1963, illustrated by Raul Mina Mora.

“Homeward Bound” by Alan Bean, 1994, recalling the journey of Apollo 8 in 1968.

A full moon, picuted in Moon: Considered as a Planet, a World, and a Satellite, 1874.

The first house on the Moon, imagined in Soviet space art by Andrei Sokolov, published on a 1966 postcard.

A full moon above the Earth’s horizon, observed from the International Space Station, February 12, 2006. (NASA)