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Inside the hangar during my NASA Social adventure at Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. What you see here is a NASA P-3B, basically a flying laboratory packed with microphysics probes and assorted doodads, ready to chase snowstorms for the agency’s IMPACTS mission.

“Kytoons” (kite balloons) used to obtain weather data for atomic tests in Nevada, 1952. Via @usnatarchives.

(National Archives)

Launch of a RAM B2 at @nasa’s Wallops launch facility in Virginia, 1963.

A Bell X-2 skids to a landing at Edwards Air Force Base, April 22, 1952.

ON THIS DAY: During the attack on Pearl Harbor, it’s chaos at Ford Island Naval Air Station as the USS Shaw explodes in the background, December 7, 1941.

A NASA SR-71 Blackbird flying out of NASA Dryden, California, February 1997.

(Department of Defense)

From Eagle Annual Number 8: “The first Moon rocket, cradled between two giant boosters, is prepared for launching. Unmanned, it may carry an atomic warhead.”

“The Soviet space shuttle, when operational, will have many roles including the delivery of personnel and components to increasingly sophisticated manned Soviet space complexes.” From Soviet Military Power, 1985, published by the Department of Defense.

From the Sherman Daily Register of Sherman, Texas, April 12, 1887.

Fidel and Raúl Castro with bazooka. Cuba, 1958. Photo by Dickey Chapelle.

(Wisconsin Historical Society)