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Fidel and Raúl Castro with bazooka. Cuba, 1958. Photo by Dickey Chapelle.

(Wisconsin Historical Society)

(Geheugen van Nederland)

(Chilliwack Museum & Archives)

Aerospace concept art from the collection of San Diego Air & Space Museum.

“A soldier of the Federal Regular Army stands guard by a fort in the Radfan region of the Federation of Southern Arabia during British military operations in the area.“ (Imperial War Museum)

Aerospace concept art of the 1960s.

(San Diego Air & Space Museum)

The first rocket launched at Cape Canaveral, July 24, 1950. It’s an RTV-G-4 Bumper missile. “Bumper 8” in this case. (NASA)

A WWII flak tower looms large over Hamburg, Germany, 2011.

(Pablo Necochea)

THE CIVILIAN RESPIRATOR – These masks are “intended for those who might have to work in the presence of gas and could not go to a gas-protected refuge room. The respirator protects the eyes, nose, mouth and lungs against all known war gases.” Cigarette cards from the 1930s series Air Raid Precautions, courtesy of New York Public Library.

Gas masks for protection from an atomic attack, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1958. Photo by Dolf Kruger.

(Geheugen van Nederland)