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A Titan II missile gives us an orbital view in 1963: “Through the magic of the camera, earthlings take their first ride into space!“

Atlas ICBM launch, undated. Via San Diego Air & Space Museum.

Atlas missile 9B streaks through the night sky over Cape Canaveral, November 18, 1958.

(San Diego Air & Space Museum)

Atlas rocket 2F during a prelaunch alert, August 1961. (SDASM)

A Peacekeeper missile blasts off from Vandenberg Air Force Base, 24 August 1985. (Air Force Space & Missile Museum)

Atlas missile test 14D at Cape Canaveral, August 11, 1959. Courtesy of San Diego Air & Space Museum.

TODY IN HISTORY: Atlas missile 134F at Cape Canaveral, March 1, 1963. Looks kinda sharp.

(San Diego Air & Space Museum)

General Dynamics component diagram for a proposed AGM-109 cruise missile. Illustrated by Robert Kemp, 1977.

A Lockheed X-17 three-stage rocket mounted on a display stand. This vehicle had its first launch in 1956. Photo by Hans Groenhoff.

(Smithsonian Air & Space Museum)

TODAY IN HISTORY: A Universal newsreel reports on the the United States launching a captured V-2 rocket at White Sands, New Mexico, November 21, 1946.