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Craters Agrippa and Godin on the Moon, March 16, 1872, illustrated by E.L. Trouvelot.

(Linda Hall Library)

“Mare Humorum. From a study made in 1875.” Astronomical art by Etienne Leopold Trouvelot.

“Moon over Mount Inaba” (Inabayama no tsuki). Woodcut print by Taiso Yoshitoshi, also known as Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (1839-1892).

(Library of Congress)

Space tourists gaze at the Moon as they pass by on a journey to Venus. Chesley Bonestell art for Coronet magazine, 1950.

Tracks of the Apollo 15 moon buggy lead to Mount Hadley on the Moon, August 1, 1971. (NASA)

Apollo 15 astronaut Dave Scott on the slope of the Moon’s Hadley Delta, August 1, 1971.

The Silver Spur and Swann Ridge formations on the Moon, August 1, 1971, photographed by Apollo 15 astronaut Jim Irwin.

Illustrations from Voyage dans la lune avant 1900 (Voyage to the Moon Before 1900) by A. de Ville d’Avray.

(Gallica BNF)

The first step on the Moon, illustrated by Norman Rockwell for Look, 1967.

Earth and Moon are seen as the Apollo 11 lunar module maneuvers for a rendezvous, July 21, 1969.