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Inside the firing room at Cape Canaveral during an Apollo 12 launch test, October 29, 1969.

The king of social distancing: Bruce McCandless on an untethered spacewalk, freely maneuvering up to 320 feet away from the Shuttle Challenger, February 7, 1984.

The rings of Saturn, observed by the Cassini space probe, April 2016. (NASA)

Self-isolating on the go: Apollo 11 astronauts in the Mobile Quarantine Facility are unloaded at Ellington Air Force Base in Texas after a flight from Hawaii, July 1969.

Apollo 9 astronaut Dave Scott in the open hatch of the Apollo 9 spacecraft on March 6, 1969.

March 26, 2008 – The Space Shuttle Endeavour comes home from a 16-day mission to the ISS, making a night landing on Runway 15 at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

March 22, 1972: Apollo 16 astronaut Charlie Duke, with a core tube and hammer, trains on a simulated lunar surface at Cape Canaveral in Florida.

Dave Scott in the open hatch of the Apollo 9 command module, March 6, 1969.

Space shuttle concept art by M. Alvarez of Rockwell, 1973.

March 6, 1969 – Astronaut Rusty Schweickart on a spacewalk during the Apollo 9 earth-orbital mission. (Stellar Views)