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Bat Girl, St. Ann, and Wonder Woman on Halloween in New York City, mid-1970s, photo by Larry Racioppo.


The Corazón del Fuego volcano erupts in Guatemala, 2015. Photo by Andrew Shepard, National Geographic. Corazón del Fuego means “heart of fire,” which is the best volcano name ever.

Old Samarkand in Uzbekistan, photographed in color by Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky, 1905.

(World Digital Library)

July 20, 1969 – While Neil Armstrong was taking a picture of Buzz Aldrin, Aldrin’s visor was taking a picture of Armstrong.

Buzz Aldrin, photographed by Neil Armstrong, July 20, 1969.

Custom-made light meter used during the Apollo 11 mission.

(Smithsonian Air & Space Museum)

Early color photographs of Antarctica, circa 1915, by Australian adventurer Frank Hurley.

A photographer, wearing gas mask and flame-retardant clothes, is suspended over the volcanic crater of Mount Vesuvius in Sicily, 1934. 

(Geheugen van Nederland)

September 25, 1962: Mercury astronaut Gordon Cooper poses for this amazing portrait. So much awesome NASA showmanship on display here. All official photos should use a fog machine. (NASA)

January 8, 1990 — Photographers snap away as the Space Shuttle Columbia surges upward from launch pad 39B at Cape Canaveral. (NASA)