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John Glenn in a Mercury capsule mock-up, 1959. Photo by Ralph Morse.

Little Joe 5 at @nasa‘s Wallops Flight Facility, November 8, 1960.


Mercury astronauts train in a reduced gravity aircraft, better known as the vomit comet.

Mission control tracks the progress of the Friendship 7 capsule of Mercury astronaut John Glenn, February 20, 1962.

One-sheet for The Right Stuff, 1983. Artwork by Tom Jung.

The payload capabilities of U.S. launch vehicles, printed by NASA, 1965.

John Glenn prepares for the Mercury-Atlas 6 mission, January 1962.

(NASA Commons)

Remembering Mercury 7 spaceman Gordon “Gordo” Cooper, born on this day in 1927.

Mercury men.

September 13, 1966 – The unmanned Mercury-Atlas 4 spacecraft goes on a once-around-the-world journey after blasting off from Cape Canaveral.