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Atmospheric Technology, June 1973, published by the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Cover art by Howard Crosslen.

Inside the hangar during my NASA Social adventure at Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia. What you see here is a NASA P-3B, basically a flying laboratory packed with microphysics probes and assorted doodads, ready to chase snowstorms for the agency’s IMPACTS mission.

A snapshot from the machine shop in the sounding rocket factory at @nasa‘s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, January 14, 2020.

(h/t NASA Social)

Inside the hangar during my tour of @nasa‘s Wallops Flight Facility. It’s big! I was there to get the lowdown on the IMPACTS 2020 airborne research mission to study the inner mechanisms of snowstorms.

Planet Saturn, observed by @nasa‘s Cassini probe on January 12, 2014.

(NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

On this day in 1986, the astronauts of mission STS-61C began a six-day orbital odyssey aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia.

(NASA History Office)

Traffic jam at Cape Canaveral, August 8, 1990. (NASA)

“The direction of the mind is more important than its progress.”

–Joseph Joubert

Launching a scientific balloon from the Halley VI Research Station in Antarctica.


These are all movies I want to see. Except for Sun, that sounds boring.