Category: scientific illustration

The art of the cutaway, 1965-1975: illustrations by Davis Meltzer, Rick Guidice, Werner Büdeler, and Phil Santos.

The Galileo space probe passes by Amalthea, moon of Jupiter. NASA art by Michael Carroll, 1992.

A computer representation of Jupiter’s atmosphere, sourced from NASA’s 1978 Aeronautics and Space Report.

Visions of Pluto from Andrei Sokolov, Chesley Bonestell, and David A. Hardy. The (former) planet was discovered on this day in 1930.

“Sun Circles over Belarus” by Andrei Sokolov (1931-2007)

Planet Jupiter, observed from the Harvard Observatory, February 12, 1872.

(University of Cambridge)

The construction of NASA’s Galileo space probe at JPL in Pasadena, California, illustrated by Henk Pander.

(Spaceflight Insider)

The solar eclipse of December 22, 1870. Observed from Syracuse, Sicily, by Captain G. I. Tupman, R.M.A.

Your occasional reminder that the Sun is much more than a big ball of fire.


From Eagle Annual Number 8: “The first Moon rocket, cradled between two giant boosters, is prepared for launching. Unmanned, it may carry an atomic warhead.”