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The Atlantic coast of Mauritania, photographed from the Skylab space station on this day in 1973.

The Skylab 2 mission launches from Cape Canaveral on May 25, 1973.

(Dan Beaumont Space Museum)

1973 NASA concept art by Paul Fjeld pictures astronaut Pete Conrad working outside the Skylab space station.

Skylab concept art from NASA, 1972.

The Skylab shroud installed in the Plum Brook Station’s Space Power Facility at NASA’s Lewis (now Glenn) Research Center, December 3, 1970: “The shroud protected the upper section of the Skylab space station, including its solar power arrays. When it was constructed, the Space Power Facility (SPF) was the world’s largest vacuum chamber. It stands more than 122 feet high, 100 feet in diameter and provides a vacuum environment for the study of space propulsion. Originally commissioned for nuclear-electric propulsion studies, the SPF has been recommissioned for current and future use in the ongoing research and development of space propulsion systems.“ (NASA)

August 6, 1973 – Astronaut Owen Garriott retrieves an imagery experiment from the Apollo Telescope Mount outside the Skylab space station.

Skylab and Earth, June 22, 1973. (NASA)

Alan Bean outside the Skylab space station, September 22, 1973.

Alan Bean on Skylab, 1973: Shaving, reading, getting a haircut.

Happy Birthday to Apollo 12 astronaut Alan Bean, who turns 85 today. The moonwalker was born March 15, 1932, in Wheeler, Texas. In 1969, Bean became the fourth person to walk on the Moon. In 1973, he made his second and final flight into space as a member of the Skylab 3 mission, logging 59 days and 24,400,000 orbital miles aboard the Skylab space station.