Category: space age

Inside the Kearny Mesa assembly plant where General Dynamics makes Atlas rockets. San Diego, circa 1959.

(San Diego Air & Space Museum)

Ed Valigursky cover art for The Ballad of Beta-2 by Emil Petaja, 1965.

James Dean at the Griffith Park Observatory in a publicity still for Rebel Without a Cause.

Aerospace concept art of the 1960s.

(San Diego Air & Space Museum)

Future humans conquer the Solar System in space art by Andrei Sokolov and cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, published 1967.

Vaughn Bodé art on the cover of IF, February 1969.

Rudolph Belarski cover art for Orbit Science Fiction, September 1953.

Volcanism on Titan, moon of Saturn, illustrated by Kenneth Fagg for IF, July 1953.

“Within the Venusian atmosphere.” Virgil Finlay illustration for The Complete Book of Space Travel, 1956.

French poster for Spaceman contre satellites (1958)