Category: space age

The art of Soviet space propaganda, 1969-1982.

Desperate spacemen, illustrated by Johnny Bruck.

British poster for Thunderbirds Are Go (1966)

Johnny Bruck cover art for A Step Further Out by Raymond Z. Gallun, 1963.

Johnny Bruck cover art for the Perry Rhodan series, #105, Die Geisterflotte, 1963.

Space Age Santa Claus, Delhi Records, 1961. (via)

Spend a holiday in space with wonderful Ed Emshwiller cover art for Christmas issues of Galaxy magazine, 1951 to 1960. Please note that Santa Claus appears in each one, always with four arms.

Christmas in space, illustrated by Ed Emshwiller for the cover of Galaxy magazine, December 1954.

Spacemen by Klaus Bürgle, Vincent Di Fate, and Ed Valigursky.

From Eagle Annual Number 8: “The first Moon rocket, cradled between two giant boosters, is prepared for launching. Unmanned, it may carry an atomic warhead.”