Category: space station

Gene Hackman, James Franciscus, and Richard Crenna in a promo still for Marooned, 1969.

A future farm in space, as seen in NASA’s Space Settlements: A Design Study, 1977. This would an agricultural section of a space habitat known as a Stanford torus, which means anywhere from 10,000 to 150,000 mouths to feed.

1973 NASA concept art by Paul Fjeld pictures astronaut Pete Conrad working outside the Skylab space station.

Adventure on Space Station Freedom, 1989, created by Manfred “Dutch” von Ehrenfried, art by Mike Roy, courtesy of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Sci-fi art by Vincent Di Fate.

The orbital outpost of the future on a 1957 space card from Topps.

The space colony of the future, pictured in 1975 NASA concept art by Rick Guidice.

1978 Soviet postcard with space art by Andrei Sokolov and cosmonaut Alexei Leonov.

Future space station, illustrated by Andrei Sokolov, printed on a 1978 Soviet postcard.

Vincent Di Fate cover art for Timemaster by Robert L. Forward, 1992