Category: spacesuit

First African-American woman in space Mae Jemison and NASA spacesuit team manager Sharon McDougle working together at Johnson Space Center in 1992. (NASA)

Engineer James O’Kane wears a prototype Apollo moonsuit, produced by International Latex Corporation, 1965.

Awesomely named NASA engineer Allyn “Hap” Hazard tries out a moonsuit of his own design, California, September 1960.

Apollo 11 crew garments, as seen in “Apollo Initial Lunar Landing Mission,” a fold-out guide distributed by General Electric.

Apollo 11 intravehicular spacesuits. From “Apollo Initial Lunar Landing Mission,” General Electric, 1969.

Neil Armstrong’s Apollo 11 spacesuit, 1969.

Looking inside an Apollo moonsuit, illustrated by Paul Calle, 1969.

Alien spacesuit concept by Ron Cobb.

Anthropometric study of a spacesuit, 1965.

The “Buddy System” for life support. 1970 diagram from NASA.