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Neil Armstrong in a classic silver Gemini G-2C training suit, 1964.

A vintage NASA press photo shows Gemini 8 astronaut (and future moonwalker) Neil Armstrong in his silver Gemini G-2C spacesuit. (Stellar Views)

Test pilot Scott Crossfield during a study of the XMC-2 pressure suit, 1955.

A remotely operated robotic arm using a design from a hard space suit, developed by NASA/JPL, 1975.

July 26, 1971 – Apollo 15 astronaut Al Worden’s spacesuit gets a pressure check before he blasts off from Cape Canaveral.

Anthopometric study of a Gemini spacesuit, 1965.

Diagram of a spacesuit, illustrated in a midcentury cigarette card from the collection of @nypl.


The layers of the Gemini extravehicular space suit in a 1966 NASA diagram.

Mankind, Michael Kagan, 2010, oil on linen.

(Michael Kagan)

X-ray view of NASA’s 1964 A4-H “Universal” helmet for astronauts.

(Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum)