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Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin train for the Moon at the Manned Spacecraft Center in Houston, April 18, 1969.

(Dan Beaumont Space Museum)

Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong train for the Moon in Building 9 at Johnson Space Center, April 9, 1969.

Astronaut Sally Ride, June 1983. (NASA)

March 22, 1972: Apollo 16 astronaut Charlie Duke, with a core tube and hammer, trains on a simulated Moon surface at Cape Canaveral in Florida.


February 23, 1969: Apollo 9 astronauts Jim McDivitt and Rusty Schweickart train in the lunar module simulator at Kennedy Space Center.

Buzz Aldrin goes underwater to train for his spacewalk outside the Gemini 12 capsule, October 29, 1966.

July 7, 1965 – Gemini 5 astronaut Gordon Cooper is weighed and balanced in the Pyrotechnic Installation Building at Cape Canaveral in Florida. (NASA)

Anna Fisher suited up for spacewalk training in the Neutral Buoyancy Simulator at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama, May 1980. 

February 18, 1966 – Gemini astronaut Neil Armstrong engages in weight and balance tests in the Pyrotechnic Installation Building, Merritt Island, Kennedy Space Center, Florida. (NASA)

TODAY IN HISTORY: Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin trains to be the first human in space, February 18, 1960.