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(Salt Spring Island Archives)

Driving the experimental Dynasphere in England, September 1932.

The Thing from Another World (1951)

June 7, 1961: A T-Rex in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, California. Original Valley Times newspaper summary reads: “Tyrannosaurus Rex advertises Devonshire exposition – Lorie LaFontaine, right, joins it in the Northridge display.”

(Los Angeles Public Library)

A future fashion show aboard a Bristol 170 freighter plane, specially designed for the style houses of Paris. From Décollage, “le magazine de l’aviation mondiale,” June 21, 1946.

(Gallica BNF)

Beautiful Saturn, circa 1916. Via Library of Congress.

Space tourists gaze at the Moon as they pass by on a journey to Venus. Chesley Bonestell art for Coronet magazine, 1950.

TV spot for the Star Trek “Mission to Gamma VI” playset from Mego, 1976.

Poster by Jack Kirby, issued by Marvelmania, 1970.

Awesomely named NASA engineer Allyn “Hap” Hazard tries out a moonsuit of his own design, California, September 1960.