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A WWII flak tower looms large over Hamburg, Germany, 2011.

(Pablo Necochea)

A man pushes a bicycle through a flattened Nagasaki, Japan, September 1945, a month after the city was destroyed by the atom bomb dropped on August 9, 1945. Photo by Stanley Troutman/AP. (Denver Post)

A World War II flak tower in Hamburg, Germany.

Demonstration model for a bomb shelter in Hillegom, Netherlands, 1939.

(Geheugen van Nederland)

The “Luftschutzbunker” flak tower in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg, Germany.


Women building a B-17 bomber at the Douglas Aircraft Company plant in Long Beach, California, October 1942. Photo by Alfred T. Palmer for the U.S. Office of War Information.

July 16, 1945 – A long-exposure photo captures the Trinity nuclear test seconds after detonation. It was first atomic bomb blast in history.

July 16, 1945 – The Trinity test, the first ever detonation of an atomic bomb, took place in New Mexico as World War II raged across the globe

German radar at the beach near Arromanches les Bain, Normandy, France, 22 June 1944. (WW2DB)

CHRISTMAS DAY 1944 – Army Sgt. Edward F. Good feeds a turkey leg to a fellow wounded soldier, Pfc. Lloyd Deming, during the Christmas dinner, 2nd Field Hospital, San Jose, Mindoro, Philippine Islands, 25 December 1944.